Mission, Vision & Values


The Mission of Osgoode Care Centre is: Rooted in our rural community, we exist to provide a long-term care home of choice where residents can enjoy life fully.


The Vision of Osgoode Care Centre is: As a leader in rural eldercare services, we will grow with the ever changing needs of our community to ensure our neighbours have choices close to home.


Values of Osgoode Care Centre are: The guiding principles of Osgoode Care Centre; and strongly held beliefs that define behaviours and perspectives that are valued and expected at Osgoode Care Centre.

C COMMITMENT We expect the best of ourselves and each other.
A ACCOUNTABILITY We accept responsibility for everything we do.
R RESIDENT-DRIVEN We honour the right of residents to live their lives, their way.
I INSPIRATIONAL We lead by example, aspiring to be exceptional.
N NURTURING We are compassionate, patient and kind in our words and actions.
G GROWING TOGETHER We work and learn together to succeed together.