Rooted in our rural community, we provide a long-term care home of choice where residents can enjoy life fully.
Osgoode Care Centre is a non-profit organization and a registered charity, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Visiting at the Osgoode Care Centre
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It's Our Care Center

Built by the community, sustained by the community and for the community, the Osgoode Care Centre continues to benefit from the time and efforts of many volunteers and from community backing in the form of fundraising activities, individual, and corporate donations, in memoriam gifts, and estate bequests.


The Board of Directors, and all of those associated with the Care Center, are extremely thankful for the tremendous support so generously provided.


The Osgoode Care Centre is a cherished community asset. It is ours to nuture and sustain to ensure the quality life of both current and future residents.



The Eden Alternative


Septic System Campaign 

We need your support. Our septic system project is projected to cost 1.5 million dollars. Visit the Septic System Campaign to donate.