About TOCC


Welcome to the The Osgoode Care Centre

The Osgoode Care Centre (TOCC) is a 100-bed charitable long term care home, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. It is home to 99 permanent residents with one short stay bed.

TOCC was built as a result of the generosity of the residents of the Township of Osgoode in order to fulfill a tremendous need in the community for their seniors. While TOCC is now part of the larger Champlain Health Region, it continues to be a choice of home for those living in the area.

All admissions to TOCC are coordinated through the Community Care Access Centre and your CCAC case manager. To gain more information on eligibility criteria and the application process, go to www.ccac-ont.ca or call 613-745-5525 or to learn more about Long Term Care, go to Ontario Long Term Care Association.

The Osgoode Care Centre has basic, semi-private and private rooms furnished with a single bed, night stand and wardrobe. Residents are welcome to bring in items which will help to make their room comfortable and familiar. Cable and telephone service are available at an extra monthly cost.

At mealtimes, residents are welcome to choose from 2 choices on the menu. All food is prepared here on site with fresh ingredients. A nourishment cart tours the home three times a day bringing tea, coffee, juices, fruit and snacks – a tuck shop is also available to purchase those “occasional “ treats! Special diets and diet restrictions are always accommodated.

Optimal health and well-being are first and foremost the focus of our care. Our team consists of physicians, nursing staff, recreation therapy staff, dietician, nutrition and food service staff, housekeeping, laundry and maintenance staff. Physiotherapy programs and services are provided 5 days per week. Other health services provided in-house include dentistry, x-ray, occupational therapy and other health care services as required. Comfort services include hairdressing, barber, and advanced foot care – these services are provided at an extra cost. Pastoral care services are provided to meet a resident’s spiritual and religious needs. Resident laundry is done on-site and all clothing is labeled on site.

Families and friends are welcome to visit any time, any day. Residents are able to have 48 hours a week of leave plus 21 days vacation per year. If hospitalization is ever required, their bed will be secure for 45 days for medical reasons and 60 days for mental health reasons.

Volunteers are an important resource to the home – they bring with them a wealth of skills, experiences as well as friendship and compassion to our residents. Our Family Council is comprised of a dedicated group of family members and is always looking for new members.

TOCC has embraced the Residents First initiative which is advancing quality of care in Ontario long term care homes.

Any further questions or to book a tour, please call 613-821-1034, Ext 248